14 April 2012

crescent moon

crescent earrings and pendant 2012

the crescent moon is the most identifiable moon visually... in its full state, it can be confused with other circular symbols...

myths about the crescent date back to ancient times and come from all over the globe... 

mine is not the true slim slice often seen as i needed more body for the jewelry forms i envisioned... but i hope it evokes that mystery... 


  1. Oh wow Mary Jane these are stunning.xoxo

  2. Beautiful mysterious piece, Mary Jane! They have a North African look about them.

  3. These are very special - the texture on your crescents is beguiling - and the moon is a symbol that has always drawn me in. Love your new work!

  4. What a beautiful form - I love that cross-bar with the dangle. I can feel the moon-mystery stories with these - they are beautiful.

  5. MJ-beautiful work - full of ancient mystery. Love the way you have resolved the design - such balance with the curves. Did you solder the cross bars in place? Go well. B

  6. very gypsy! i can see this with a flowy sundress and strappy sandals as with that little black dress. marvelous details every one. enjoy the day.


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