09 April 2012

'i knew that elmo should represent love.'
- kevin clash

Watch Meet the Man Behind Elmo on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

tonight on pbs... 

what's your dream?


  1. I'm definitely watching this - my son grew up talking about "Melmo!" I think we had every VHS tape of Elmo, and we watched them until they wore out. Yes, Elmo truly does represent love. :)

  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads up...

  3. The picture from the hot air balloon. What is your dream? Does anyone even sit and conjure up something grand to manifest? or are we too busy? xx

  4. the big picture from the hot aire balloon. What is your dream? better yet does any one take the time to dream? or are we just too busy doing? x

  5. I watched last night. Just caought it by accident and then later saw your post. I hope you got to see it. It was very good. I did not catch the beginning so I hope it will be on again.


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