05 April 2012

the next time

the next time you walk by a petal on the ground,


it's only there because the flower opened.

exposing itself not only to weather and wind,

but also to the warm light of the sun.

becoming fragile in its singularity as the bud loosened.

bearing itself not only to the animals who might make a meal of it, 

but also to those who might become awakened to its impermanent beauty.

and all because the flower opened... 


  1. Love these words and your beautiful leaf!

  2. lovely post, it really makes me think of how much we take for granted
    you know i love the leaves!

  3. Such beautiful words and thoughts... after all, we are here to open ourselves up to life. That is what it is about.
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts and yourself.

  4. That's lovely and a beautiful reminder that all of life's beauty and peace is available to you if you open yourself to these small transient moments. Thank you!

  5. The leaves are telling you deep truths it seems.

  6. such dreamy reflections my fren. perfect way to celebrate spring :) be happy Maire :)

  7. MJ-beautiful reflection; and a lovely reminder that you share - risk taking is often such a hard thing to do - but as you indicate if we want to bloom we take those risks - opening ourselves to the sun and in the case of humans opening ourselves to the energy of others - hopefully reflecting positively back to us. Go well. B

  8. Absolutely stunning-- I love the mingled color- it looks beautifully fragile- just like a petal.


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