31 March 2012


i made these a couple of years ago after reading joseph campbell's 'the power of myth'... not intended for sale, i often just need to imprint things in a concrete way... 

the concept has been heavily on my mind... 

via the winding trails of 'blogs i follow', i found lauren luqin and found she honors sattaday ... 

exhale -

'sat' is sanskrit for being

as i struggle with my lists and task oriented brain - using their completion somehow as a measure of my worth... check marks allowing me to say i worked today to those who question exactly what i am doing... 

so like many of you, i work every chance i get - daytime, nighttime, weekends, holidays... whenever... 

entitlement can become an issue - even for down time...

in walks sattaday... 

for we are human beings, correct?

not human doings... 

with the utmost sincerity, i hope you find ways to be - with no guilt... 

happy sattaday (and thank you, lauren)


  1. Yes, you must take time to just be. The doing will be done better if you taken the time to be. I know it isn't always easy to do, especially when you have others that you must care for. But I think that the doing is more satisfying if we've taken note of being. Happy Sattaday!

  2. Well time is different here in the Valley. Temperature allowed some of the ice pack to melt which allowed me to go work on the doggy corral.Despite the chore of removing doggy poo as it emerged from the ice like some ancient artifact, I did enjoy just "being" outside in the sun. The birds were singing , the breeze was gentle and the clouds sailed overhead . An altogether nice morning. xx

  3. thanks..very timely..i am compelled to work(i like to work)..but somewhere along the way i started doing it all the time..there is value in just stopping to do Nothing.

  4. You do not need to prove your worth - you are star stuff - can there be anything more valuable? But taking time to just 'be' is right and necessary.

  5. Oh I see... Yes. Thank you for linking to my blog and my SattaDay Sharing post. ONE LOVE.

  6. MJ-The discovery of the button is special - and good work then and now. For me being and following my bliss can be busy or quiet/still. At times my busy creativeness is also being and mediative as long as I can do it mindfully. But there are times when I also need to be still. We tend to start each day in that still mode. And I find lists are a way of giving me control - I never think I will get it all done or need to get it all done. I remember Fiona reading out to me something she was reading - it basically said we will all die without completing our list - knowing that helps me to be more relaxed about not achieving everything. Go well. B

  7. Thank you for reminding of Lauren's gracious post!! I needed to take a breath and just be :) xoxo beth

  8. Maire,

    Lots of good food for though here. With all of my discipline, the thing I have the most problem with is BALANCE. Your worlds bring me a sense of peace, and I thank you for that.

    I hope all is well with you and wish you a beautiful weekend!

  9. Love these! And the petal! As usual!


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