27 March 2012

zen in the details

i am a big picture person who lives for details... 

maybe people won't notice the patterning beneath the patina... 

but i do... 

or that extra time was spent finding the perfect spot on a railroad tie to get a certain pattern... or that i fused the sterling... 

these are my buttons... 

when i was preparing to teach woven bracelets at the teen arts festival i realized i could make my own buttons (but didn't for the workshops when i learned how many kids would be in them)... 

i love being able to go from big to small... 

and to just make something for its own sake,

not worry about a finished jewelry piece... 

to put all of my attention into small work... 

i must be growing up, 

it's so often becoming meditation anymore...

the big picture is the details

and details are the big picture... 

like einstein finding constants between atoms and the cosmos,

it's all one - 


  1. Mary, I really appreciate your attention to detail. It might not be noticed by many but it will be undeniable in the overall effect. That's what makes your work yours and very special.

  2. My grandson says I think too deep. I never thought of it as meditation before.

    They are great buttons...the same but all different and unique. Very appropriate commentary.

    I was trying to select a favorite but I like each for different reasons (except the red say "pick me" the loudest). ~lol~ I have a way of personifying inanimate objects.

  3. I love the detail! Some people may not consciously notice the extra effort you put into the details but still on some level I'm sure it adds to their admiration of your work!

  4. Thank you for a beautiful post. Many do notice the details!

  5. These are fabulous! I love the detail and always look for it in others' art, and always wonder if people see it in mine. I'm about to try to sell my very first few pieces of mixed media jewelry this coming weekend, only seven pieces, and wonder if people will "get it" enough to not undersell myself too much. Will they look for the details? I sure hope so. The details are what makes it art! I love yours! I'm not at your level yet. Thank you so much for sharing, and railroad ties.....??? You really have me wondering there!

  6. Details are wonderful in jewelry art and in cooking . the colours, the flavours and the combination all tossed in together. nice work !

  7. Oh, I do think you have this absolutely right. The big picture and the details are really one and the same. I also like making pieces without worrying about what it might grow up to be. It really is a kind of meditation when you just flow with the work at your finger tips. The layering in these buttons is wonderful. It makes me want to hold them and examine them to look and excavate the layers. Beautiful.

  8. Oh my how beautiful. I love everything about these. The patina's are just beautiful.

  9. You are right - the details are the big picture, because the big picture is composed of many tiny details. Your buttons are an exquisite statement about your work and your view of life...

  10. Love the detail ... nothing was lost!

  11. MJ-I find that the smaller I go the more it demands of me to ensure that detail and texture is there - like a challenge that says don't just do small to be lazy and not deliver on detail. And small really invites me in - it draws my eye in in an intimate way - like what is going on there. The 'buttons' look great and have heaps of potential in pieces. Go well. B

  12. Oh I think the layers, textures, and details do not go unnoticed! :-) Absolutely beautiful buttons, Mary Jane! No need to worry about finished pieces of jewelry when you already have the satisfaction of creating little works art right here.

  13. I'm big into details. Love it all (down to the teeny tiny)...

  14. I'm very much into the details as well. I can tell you are when I look at your work. Front and backs are finished- nothing left undone. Beautiful buttons and very much your own voice, spirit and style come through. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic! I love your addiction to details - your work is impeccable!


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