23 March 2012

on spring

while winter most certainly provides challenges to flora and fauna

spring is evidence of a tenacity i admire...

delicate flowers pushing up through snow

facing days that alternate between balmy and frigid... 

instead of less of them rising to open

more follow... 

until the world is in bloom -

be the flower 


  1. I'm impressed..late night and early posting..
    you are supercharged these days!
    I'd say the buds aren't alone in their tenacity..
    and of course...stunning earrings..love the shapes with the delicate impressions...

  2. Bring on Spring! I am ready for green grass, and puddles to jump in, and buds on trees. I want some color in my life and I have shed things like socks and coats. I would stand and shiver in a brisk March wind just to feel alive again! Thank you for sharing these little budding earrings. So pretty. I love them. They would look great on me ;-) Enjoy the day!

  3. I'm just a little ahead of the rest out here in the West. Things started to bloom a month or so ago and with them, I decided to open up too and let a little sunshine in. It feels good to be the flower especially following such a harsh winter and some serious pruning. xo

  4. We have had a nice winter, the deer are not so thin this spring like last. I had an 8 point buck sit down and rest in the yard today for an hour. Very nice.xx

  5. I love this part: "spring is evidence of a tenacity i admire..." It reminds me of one of my favorite poems by T.S. Eliot -- The Waste Land: "APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/Memory and desire, stirring/Dull roots with spring rain."

    Spring is my most challenging time of the year. Thanks so much for showing me how it could be an opportunity to build strength and courage through tenacity :) xoxo Beth

  6. Spring is the inspiration for my life these days. So full of promise, so full of hope. I am especially loving spring this year.

  7. Spring has such powerful fragility and such delicate strength...

  8. O Spring
    Not my favorite time of the year
    But definitely my favorite time of inspirational energy.

    Nice balance in the earrings,
    the strength of the metal with image of fragile flowers.
    A perfect design.
    xx, Carol

  9. MD-the twitchiness of spring is such an encouragement for we poor humans to have the tenacity to keep having a go. Thanks for the insight, And the earrings have a solid suppleness . The etching always provides such a beautiful texture. Go well.B

  10. yabba dabba doo..
    another perfect pair....


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