24 May 2012

the dance

'i get up.
i walk.
i fall down.
meanwhile, i keep dancing.'
- rabbi hillel 

danse - henri matisse

the photo of the metal was taken yesterday...

i have had hillel's words in my life for decades - in the form of a lovely little watercolor... and have embraced thinking of life as a dance...

then i read this post by seth godin,

thought about matisse, 

and rejoiced in the fact that while we often dance alone, when we invite others in the complex richness is enough to make your heart swell near to bursting... 


  1. well said ... perfect visuals ... this will be me dancing through my morning ...
    l i g a - kvk

  2. Your words are always so thought-provoking...
    And really, all of life is a dance - the universe itself is dancing a spiral dance - and so, we don't really ever dance alone, although it may sometimes feel that way, but we are always dancing with the universe...

  3. Love the work of Matisse. The simplicity...amazing paper cut work in addition to painting.

    And love your new pieces - looking forward to seeing where you go with them.


  4. beeeeaaaauuuuttttiiiful! love.

  5. Oh, on reading Godin's words, I was thinking that I learned that about my 40 hr job about 15 years ago. I just recently began to enjoy it in my personal life. Life IS a dance. The hard thing is to determine if you will Jitter Bug or Waltz and remember to keep your balance.

    Love that pic of your work too. Great colors.
    xx, Carol

  6. I love how you have recreated the colors in the watercolor onto your metal components! Such rich color! What fabulous inspiration!

  7. Maire,

    Most beautiful!

    Wishing you a fabulous holiday weekend!


  8. I am in awe of these colors, as the patina development is spontaneous and unpredictable. So to achieve these glorious shades, patience and acceptance of what you cannot control is required. "Dancing with the unknowable"...... And how like the colors in the Matisse! Bravo!

  9. Oh Mary Jane- such beautiful thoughts. I love the words about inviting others to join in the dance. That's how I feel with you joining with me in our latest venture!!

  10. I enjoyed your thoughts about life as a dance .... followed by Seth Godin's post. Now I'm pondering over your metal pieces. I wonder if I'm right about what you will do with them.

  11. I love the colours here - and what a great quote about dancing throughout. It's quirky and gets you from the side, but is so true. I love it. A bit like my cha-cha....

  12. Save a space for me on your dance card, Maire?
    This photo is exciting!!! Dramatic, mysterious and begging to be worn!


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