04 June 2012

working from one -

9 spires tattoo from sak yant tradition in thailand

the spiral element,

the path to nirvana,

below which is a simplified symbol for the buddha...

i was inspired to work on these forms with wire.

a single piece of wire to be precise...

i thought that was important,

the continuity, the completeness... 

the process and flow... 


  1. MJ-amazing where our inspiration comes from. I love the beautiful simplicity and meaning embedded in the earrings- I totally agree that the single continuous piece of wire and process were important - great ribbon like way you have worked the wire back and forth. Go well. B

  2. I think of the spiral as a source of life and the incredible source of creativity coiled and released in the form of kundalini. xx

  3. I've definitely got to post some photos of some of the spirals I've been compelled to make lately...funny that we've both been walking that same road.

    1. http://libellulajewelry.blogspot.com/2012/06/long-and-winding-road.html

  4. MJ -- I totally love these -- the spirals are gorgeous! You are the most diverse person that I know (and love) -- your inspirations are from the most amazing places!


  5. These are fabulous and a great example of the thought and intention you employ in your making. You are always an inspiration to me.

  6. It's amazing what can be created from a simple approach to our materials. Limiting ourselves to one basic supply (I'm reminded of Alexander Calder's jewelry)forces us to think more about our artistic concept, to use our imagination more than to dazzle with technique or embellishment. Using metal-- the personification of the material essence of the Universe-- to express the Essence of the Universe. You've produced a prayer from a piece of wire.

  7. simple and pure, your spiritual message speaks softly through your metalwork.

  8. I've been thinking of using doodle designs in clay and wire; something similar to this. Lovely work as always.

  9. i love the continuos spiral and how you've found inspiration in the 9 spires.
    reminds me of drawing gestural figures with a continuous line.
    do you have a sak yant tattoo..
    that would be something I could see myself getting....
    reading a little dt Suzuki at the poolside these days...
    last day of school today...whew!
    how about you?


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