25 June 2012

taking stock of your spearheads

having a collection of used (and unused) spearheads doesn't mean you aren't a peaceful person...

we all have to take on fears, doubts and other things that lurk in the shadows

in defense of ourselves, our family, our friends.

i wish we could make all the spearheads visual, to see how far we've come,

and to know that whatever else comes our way - be it now, tomorrow or in ten years,

 we are equipped to manage it

if we only believe.


  1. Beautifully worded, Marie. Maybe we can substitute spirit for spear-it.

  2. Amen! A champion needs armaments if she is to fight effectively, and we all must be champions again and again throughout our lives, of ourselves and the people and creatures we care about.

  3. MJ - thought challenging text - I had never thought of having spear heads or points as symbols of personal. emotional and spiritual protection or to be used to forge new paths. It is important to build up strategies and means to deal with the challenges of life - thinking them through and making them visible and rehearsing allows us to be prepared. Go well. B

  4. It is known that as civilizations grow or decline, the shapes of their pottery reflect these trends. I think as we move through our lives, the shapes that appeal to us also change. If we cease to label things, we begin to see shapes in a whole different way-- so spearheads can become leaves. "Swords into plowshares".......

  5. I have a visual image of myself, came to me during a morning meditation, that I keep tucked away for times when I need strength ... I'm standing on a summit peak, feet square, shoulders back, a staff (could be a long spear) held firmly at my side, ready to take on whatever comes my way. That's the feeling I'm getting from your collection. A girl can use all the powerful juju she can create. It's a powerful metaphor for sure!


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