27 June 2012

the spear heads that came, but weren't called (at least not consciously)

this is the best i can come close to by way of explaining this form in my work - it has been odd to me and cause for much introspection as to why they appeared...

the whole thing has been intuitive, i never set out to make spear heads... even in making them, they felt so strong, so hard - which isn't me... but they seemed like an important form - for they can aid in your transformation... emotional armor that allows you to face the shadows... 

the accent pieces called to me - after looking them up, i couldn't have chosen better with a plan:

carnelian - protection, peace, healing and courage
small piece of myrrh (with a soft fragrance) - used in ceremonies and meditation
fibers - linen thread and silk
my own raw steel disc
vintage african heishi
tiny terracotta bead from mali - soft color, balance to metal
textured and antiqued copper washer - an open form - perhaps acting like the pause between action and the resulting change...


  1. Perhaps the spearheads will assume their true form - that of a shield.

  2. This is a perfect example of the pieces you make that call to me the loudest. You gather components that speak to you before you even think about what they represent. Your deepest self IS strong. It has brought you to where you are now. Your inner strength is coming forward and the spearheads MUST represent the fight you've been through, don't you think?

    This is such a wonderful piece.
    xx, Carol

  3. That beautiful shape had to come from deep inside perhaps?? Lovely MJ, just wonderful. xoxo Riki

  4. A very strong necklace, with a very positive feeling. Greer had an interesting thought. Mine go in a different direction. Maybe it is time for you to stop shielding... taking hold of a spear seems to be a positive act of empowerment, taking charge of matters - be they emotions, situations... not necessarily aggressive, but ready to stand your ground and able to protect yourself, your point of view.
    Beautifully done!

  5. I see a shield as well. But your intuition is speaking to you loud and clear and it would be rude not to listen and best not to question. Gives me chills thinking about being in that creative place - absolute pure heaven.

  6. there is a power and a purpose behind spearheads. a direction that they are taking like an arrow soaring toward a target. perhaps you are honing in on something that your waking mind is not yet prepared to see, or you are finding your direction. whatever the reason, the shape is fresh and bold yet timeless and ancient. enjoy the day, miss maire. xo e

  7. I like Erin's idea of the soaring arrow but I'm thinking more like a kite, dipping and dancing in the breezes of summer. So interesting is the idea of going with your intuition and then being able to interpret what those subconsciously-chosen elements mean to you. Creation really is an educational process. I love Renate's take on it too.

  8. Protection. A spear does not have to be aggressive. It is like anything else. It just depends on how you wield the tool. xx I love the carnelian. It glows with life.

  9. I love that you create without any real direction-- letting the piece move you along as it develops-- the work of a true artist!


  10. Power. And control. And fierce beauty. I love it.

  11. MJ - a beautiful piece filled with you and your journey. May you continue to step out and to create unique works that flow from your heart and spirit. B

  12. Its an amazing journey isn't it when the work leads you and you simply follow and respond; not quite knowing the way, but trusting all the same. This is a beautifully balanced piece of work; all the elements work so well together, and I think the form can be many things - as others have said. It is a symbol that can be personalised for each individual in a way - a kite, a spear, a shield, a ...


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