02 July 2012

spear head adventure, cont'd

while i was working on the spear head pendant i discussed in the last post, i was wishing for a feather... my cardinal feather wasn't talking to me... and i wasn't about to buy any for this work... 

2 days later, coming up my drive, i found a blue jay feather... 

this morning, i found another

and so decided to see what i was being encouraged to learn... 

'blue jay is highly adaptive and will teach knowledge of survival in this world and in others. he will guide in the proper use of power to utilize abilities to their fullest potential.  blue jay will aid in this discovery and developing personal power, awareness and higher knowledge... '
(taken from this website)

you just cannot make this kind of thing up... 


  1. sounds like you are definitely coming into your own...

  2. I've heard that when you receive two feathers, it will lead to a third - a gift from spirit. Seems very auspicious.

  3. blue jay is definitely speaking to you. are you going to listen? =) and those feathers are quite spectacular. need to think about the color too.

  4. Beautiful feathers and what a message.

  5. MJ - very powerful affirmation - go for it. B

  6. That is exactly what I was thinking as I read the post.
    We ARE guided. You must know how to seek and read the sign.
    xx, Carol

  7. what a stunning colour - and a message from the universe perchance?

  8. Everything that touches us is a message from the Universe--it's how we interpret it that matters. Close-up, a bluejay feather is irridescent, like a butterfly wing. And upright, it is very reminscent of a Masai shield, with the shape, the banding and the white area. How very closely we do actually embrace the natural world!


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