20 September 2012

on the peace/prayer flags project and international peace day

tomorrow is international peace day - 

if you haven't yet, please do click over to the flags project blog to see what people have been sharing... tomorrow is our day to come together to post about the flags we have made - in their many interpretations... 

see their work, read their words, hear their thoughts... 

perhaps adding some of your own along the way -

it's all rather beautiful and moving when you think about it... 


  1. I'm there and scheduled. Not my...even good...work. This crud has been going on for a month and Terry has it too...I struggled to make something work to ill effect..but its now the art...its the heart.
    xx, Carol

  2. These discs are beautiful and warming - I'd love to rub them! They feel quite talismanic from over here.

  3. MJ-looks like quite a few folk have got into the flags and peace ripples. Love the clarity of your stamped peace. B


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