19 October 2012

on ahimsa

exercise kindness 

or at least do no harm... 

as we are all connected,




  1. Beautiful! I love the names you choose for your pieces. Or is the that you find the inspiration word first and then make the piece? Either way, the result is beautiful.

  2. Your gentle thoughts are always a balm.
    Thank you

  3. Indeed :)

    ...and I believe a happy early birthday might be in order?

  4. We are like individual beautiful links on an expansive chain. We connect to one another, sometimes not directly, but down the line and we have the power to strengthen each other without holding back on the individual strength of the link. I am honored to be connected to you. You make my soul smile. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Yes, be kind. A good thought for the day.

  6. MJ-whilst the pieces are beautiful what a way to present them - hands holding kindness. B

  7. Many times kindness is misinterpreted as weakness. Only the truly strong can be kind. So I believe that to seek inner strength is the path to the kindness that meets meanness, petty slights, lack of understanding, dismissal, indifference and rage with acceptance without judgement-- that is the hardest thing. Thanks for inspiring with your beautiful and serene work.


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