12 October 2012


i very much admire the work of alexander calder - 

he created adornment as well as mobiles and sculpture... 

i had been wanting to start an initial pin for my aunt, 
but hadn't yet as it will be of a heavy gauge wire &  i needed to figure out the shaping and hammering sequence - so it is a serious project which i naturally have to get right the first time i do it. (go ahead, you can laugh at me, i do these dumb things to myself all the time... if i am lucky, i catch myself, then just shake my head at how i hold myself back.)


it's kind of funny how things can get you moving... 
beth hemmila posted this the other day - 
it took the pressure off and got me back to experimenting... 

i played with steel in a smaller scale, with a lighter gauge and less hammering...


  1. not only did you get it right..
    you scored perfect
    those doodle-y words are gorgeous, fluid and full of wow!

  2. love the flow of these words..who would know that they were made from hard material. I'm sure your aunt's pin will be lovely.

  3. I love these! You're incredible. Thanks for making the wire-wrapping at either end and showing me a new way of thinking about connections. I did an om too, but I like yours better with the wire wraps at either end :) Love playing around with you!! xoxo Beth

  4. MJ-looks good first go - well done you. It is amazing how we cal talk to ourselves; and to a certain extent talk ourselves out of giving it a go. What wire are you making your aunt's pin from? Go well. B

  5. I love this doodling - so free and expressive - and so beautifully resolved. Very special!

  6. Hi Mary Jane....I'm a big Calder fan as well.... I think all of us who work with wire appreciate his art -
    Your wire doodles look so natural and free-flowing. And I realize with steel wire though, its not always so easy - that stuff can be so stiff! Looks like you're well on your way to making a beautiful initial pin for your Aunt!

  7. Play ON, mama!!! It's the puttering that we all need to do more of: the puttering is the doorway to awesomeness :)


  8. Actually, I just thought they were cool dangles at first (didn't see the words) and thought about how they would hang with my polymer elements. I don't see why you wouldn't try the idea out in steel first if you were then moving to silver, say. Even if you practice the moves, you still input new things when you do the final form. It's like saying a familiar prayer-- you say the same words but with a different intention every time. Totally a great way to work!

  9. How perfect for you to express your feelings in this particular way, with words... I think each time it will be easier for you to dive into the "hard stuff".


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