14 November 2012

balm for the soul weary

lightly - with a slightly curved shield shape

'lightly, child, lightly.
you've got to learn to do everything lightly.
think lightly, act lightly, feel lightly.
yes, feel lightly, even though you are feeling deeply.'
aldous huxley - island

you have seen this passage here before because it touches me... a big thank you to robyn for reminding me of it when my scattered brain temporarily forgot it when i needed it most... the copper pieces were already on my bench as i had made them before the storm... how fitting to find the message awaiting me in my safe place -

and a huge thank you to all who commented on my last post... i was so deeply moved i decided to keep your words private;  please don't feel offended if you don't see them posted.


  1. It's good to have you back. My offer still holds. If there's anything I can do to help in recovering from the storm, just let me know. I'll be happy to send anything you might need and can't find there at the moment too.

  2. Mary Jane I am so happy to hear your power is restored and you and the kids are safe! I have been thinking of you through it all and was getting really worried! I can relate to how shaken up you and the kids must of felt through it all. Even with time passing, the memory stays. I pray they will be replaced soon with happy ones, full of light! Lovely earrings and quote. Glad to know you are safe my friend. xo

  3. We all have a mantra...or healing words..or an inspiring phrase.

    You have excellent friends that lend you strength when you need it.

    Much love

  4. aldous huxley was indeed a genius. it is a tall order to live lightly when so much weighs us down.

  5. I feel deeply -and lightly- touched by these two pieces. They are full of beauty, some sadness maybe? and warmth.

  6. I love this design, very beautiful and light.I feel deeply happy you are back. Bless your Heart Mary-Jane.

  7. i feel so bad that you didn't post my personal thoughts of you and your kids online. silly, silly mj. we all love you and our only concern is that you are safe and that the universe has you tightly wrapped in love.

  8. Oh yes - you have to love how the world offers you what you need when you can't find it yourself. A gentle but perfect reminder for these days and those ahead...

  9. Mary Jane, I have been thinking of you - especially you whenever I heard any news about the storm and its impact on those along the Jersey coast and NY. I cannot fathom what you have been through but I am so glad that for the most part, it is behind you.

  10. Oh no, not sure if my comment went through so I'll say it again - been thinking of you especially with any news of the hurricane and its impact on those along the Jersey coast and NY. I am so glad that the worst must be behind you - and I am thinking of you in the days again as you get back on your feet and emerge from this major life disruption.

  11. MJ-one of the best quotes for us all; but particularly good for recovery. Good that you have been able to ready and able to make your way to the bench and to find the copper pieces and words welcoming you. Go well. B

  12. Mary-Jane, we've been sending this quote backwards and forwards to each other and though there are some things that go deeper and take a long time to recover from it's still rather a comforting mantra. My heart lifted when I saw the earrings at the top of your post.


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