11 November 2012

thank you -

power was restored today - 
day 14 -
but that, my friends is not what i am truly grateful for 
(though a warm home is nice)

there will be no pictures of the destruction brought by the hurricane,
nor by the nor'easter that followed one week later... 

not this day at least... 

i am too raw

as others know who have been involved in a natural catastrophe
it is a mind numbing
soul weary-ing

for some, the rebuilding of homes  & businesses begins 

for others, i just don't know - 
their rebuilding is of a different sort... 

i am so deeply grateful to those who inquired about us, who reached out

when you are completely disconnected from the world
those thoughts from afar are like distant fires
and they bring tremendous warmth and assurance...

my deepest condolences and sincerest best wishes go out to those who dealt with this storm -

and thank you to the first responders who took such good care of us all - 


  1. I'm so glad that you're o.k. I don't tolerate hurricanes very well considering what they have done to the people and places that I love. I can't imagine one coupled with cooler temperatures and even snow.

    Did you get my email?

  2. Bless you Mary Jane~~so glad you made it through and wishing you grace & energy for "normalcy"

  3. A moment to pray in gratitude for your safety.
    XX, Carol

  4. Hi Maire.... I've been thinking about you a lot, wondering. I think I wrote an email a few weeks ago, but didn't want to load up your inbox with numerous emails! So good to know you are OK, glad you have power again - wow, that's a long stint without! Many blessings from me and Pasha!

  5. Oh Marie-- thank God you are safe! I cannot even imagine what you have been through-- a kind of hell I am sure. Your blessings are abundant knowing that you are all safe. Is there anything that you need? I am emaing you now---

  6. Truly grateful for your safefty. Prayers and Healing Hugs...

  7. Thinking of you, Mary Jane. Glad to hear you have power and things are looking up. Hope you and your family are doing well.


  8. I am new to your blog...I have been praying for all who have lost so much during these storms. though I don't know you yet, nor you me... I am grateful you are safe, even if worn and tattered by the experience.

  9. Maire, I almost died without you. Don't ever leave me alone again. I will have to start making videos one more and we don't want that.

    (in spite of my selfish, lame attempts at humor, your words moved me deeply.)

  10. You were in my thoughts so many times through out the past weeks. I know that your electricity has been restored, but still wonder if there's anything you need that I can help with. Just let me know, okay?

  11. Mary Jane- So sorry to hear of your ordeal and so happy to hear that your power has been restored. Two weeks is a long time and I'm sure that there were moments when you wondered if you were forgotten. I hope that YOU are being restored and can soon feel the energy to get back to creating your beautiful, soul-filling pieces of jewelry--Julie

  12. Much love to you! I'm so glad you are safe and life is on the mend. xoxo Beth

  13. MJ - just so good that the power has been reconnected; and good to see you online letting us know that whilst you and the gang have been through heaps you are on your way back. Vibes across the globe. Go well, B

  14. Hey Mary Jane! I was waiting for you to come back on line. I'm glad you all are safe. ♥♥♥

  15. I'm so happy to see this blog post and very glad you are back in communication. Love and hugs to you.

  16. miss mary jane, i am glad to read this today. i feel like i know so many people who were in the path of this disaster but not really sure of their proximity, their situation. every day i pray for a little more strength, a little more hope, a little more normalcy to be brought to the people in the wake of this hurricane. please know that you are always in my prayers. please be safe and find the time and space that you need to get back on track. hugs to your and your family. xo erin

  17. always with you in spirit my little twin. xx

  18. Welcome back! I've been checking on your blog and knew you were probably without power! You've had a lot of people praying for you ...

  19. What a huge relief to hear from you, Mary Jane! I am so happy to know you are ok -as ok as you can be, at least. I was counting the days since Sandy and thought to myself 'surely ten days is only natural...'. Great to have you back, dear friend!

  20. Good to hear from you Mary-jane. I have been thinking about you since them. Much love.

  21. I didn't know you were affected. Glad to know you finally have power restored. It's all such a huge tragedy.

  22. Dear MJ - so happy that you are able to take some steps forward...little ones maybe but big in their own way. Wishing you peace and rest from being so weary...

  23. Oh MJ I have been so involved in the house building that I was too tired to spend time on the computer these past few weeks. I did not realise that you were affected by the hurricane and the cold that followed, and no power for so long. Natural disasters are like a storm at sea in a small boat, in which your mind shuts down all you can do is endure until the weather clears. (Speaking from experience)
    Hold you family close, for they are the most important things in everyone's life.
    Healing, best wishes and love

  24. Oh MaryJane! I am so sorry! I didn't realize you were in the storm! I am so thankful you are ok! I just got to thinking I haven't seen you in a while and wondered if you were ok. It didn't even occur to me that you we in the storm area. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the post here. Wow. (deep breath) I can't even imagine the heartache and what you've been through. We've only seen the pictures. Please know I am here for you!! And if there is anything I can do please do tell me. Is your family OK? And your home? Please, please let me know how you are. Sending you virtual hugs, positive energy and love.


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