19 December 2012

lunar lessons -

the topography of the moon has lent itself to wonderful stories and imagery - such as the man in the moon and the hare in the moon...

but these stories are not the reality.
and although they bring enjoyment
they can cloud your ability to find truth.

this celestial body reminds us that:

nature works in cycles

light and dark coexist

if we stay mindful, beauty can be found any place, any time


with hard work and a dream, ladders can be built to the stars.


  1. always reach for the moon. if you fall short you will land among the stars. blessings to you. xo e

  2. Well, it certainly looks like you have climbed to the next rung!
    xx, Carol

  3. I'll have to send you some images tomorrow-- once again, our creative muses are in sync. It's a blessing that even in the darkest night, we human beings strive toward the light. Now the seasons are changing and the long, dark days are turning and the cycle is complete. Lovely work.

  4. Mary Jane- Your work always inspires! I hope you don't mind but since it appears as if the enamel you used in these beautiful moon earring is white, I'm considering that you are "playing" along with our monthly challenge. I plan to link to this post.--Julie

  5. such poetic and inspiring words as always my fren ... the pieces are beautiful! they remind me of purity ...

  6. Beautiful work with beautiful words..really love the direction your work is heading...

  7. Mary Jane-- I love the way you write--- so beautifully-- the photos are lovely---

    I'm sending you a big Christmas hug--

  8. Great work, MJ! The iciness of the color and the textural finish is so perfect for this time of year!


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