16 December 2012

the open heart shines in the darkness -

guided by courage, it remains true.

though feeling deeply, 
it resists the urge
to hide
to build walls
to strap on armor.

love overrides all fear.

it is

come to life.

*please note: the use of images of adornment in these times of sorrow are not meant to promote my work. i process my feelings at the bench and so these pieces are merely visual representations of emotion and thought.


  1. Excellent. Simply spoken.
    A perfect reminder on this somber day...week..of mourning.

  2. Perhaps it is time to reorder our society to more effectively reach those who are wired differently than the many. While technology is useful it can tend to isolate us as we text and browse the web. What happens to the daily interaction so needed to keep us grounded as people? An "i something" is not a substitute for good friends, loving parents or mentoring by concerned and compassionate teachers. Connections , beyond the internet, are important for us to survive in a peaceful and meaningful way presently and in the future.

  3. No one speaks from the depths of their soul so poetically as you --- simply beautiful and haunting--- the whole world is so sad :(

  4. MJ-well written; and we who know you also know that these words always grow from and accompany your work. Go well. B

  5. so poignant yet so beautiful are your words and your work ...
    i read about the tragic incident over the net, i was horrified. my heart breaks for the family of the victims ...


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