13 December 2012

tell me...

do you ever feel more clear-minded
when you gaze upon a rising moon
as it moves through the clouds, glowing?

do you sense a connection to something bigger?

whether suffering or joyful,
lonely or hopeful - 

standing there,
we know that others
experience these same emotions.

your urge may be to pull back,
but stay with it.

and know it is your connection
to humanity.


  1. That is absolutely true. What is it about the moon, especially a full moon low in the sky. The mystery and lucidity casts a spell.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Beautiful MJ, love your post and the earrings are just lovely. Merry Christmas!
    Xox Riki

  3. are those moonstone or labradorite? whatever the combination is spectacular! love them and your words.

  4. I feel it whenever I look at the beauty of nature. A very powerful connection.


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