01 April 2013

there and back again

a pair of earrings i had completed
and, yes, that is cat hair you see

having been away from my bench for nearly 3 months,

getting downstairs 

and entering that space




ignoring the evidence 

of my cat walking

across each surface

and finding things to bat,

bat, bat...

it was a concrete visual 

of how quickly life can change.

it was left 

as though i was to return momentarily.

only i didn't.

and in that span of elapsed time,

i became more.

deeply grateful to be there,

i struck my singing bowl 

and allowed the humming to fill me.

grateful to be picking things up

and setting things right.

i won't be down there for any stretch of time,

not just yet -

the body won't allow it.

but the visit with my shadow self,

leaves me feeling a bit more whole.

i am happy -


  1. They are beautiful, as always. Still sending strength, love and light

  2. Yay!! A little preliminary reunion with your art! And there it was, waiting for you. I wish you many happy hours getting reacquainted! (Hopefully nothing vital got batted down a heat vent.) So very happy to hear you are knitting back together, even if slowly. And just in time for spring.

  3. i can just picture you walking into that space. the suspended in time feeling, that you will be back, and i know you will, is evident. you will pick up where you left off and your shadow self will recede. have faith. you are on the path to wholeness, a different kind of wholeness. you are in my thoughts. enjoy the day. xo erin

  4. I'm hoping that all of the moments you are able to spend in your studio fill you with a renewed sense of wonder, no matter how few or short they may be right now. Wishing you the speediest possible recovery.

  5. Beautiful post, Marie - it is sooo good sometimes to just show up in our studios. Mine is such a sacred space. I have been taking solace and finding sanctuary as never before there. I hear the singing bow through the eathers, wishing you well and time to make your beautiful work again, when the timing is right. Blessings, Valerianna

  6. A wonderful post, thank you....
    I appear to have been on the same trajectory, although different cats have spread their hair on the space my fingers long to play in!
    Oh yes, we're back!

  7. It is a bit surreal when you walk back into that sacred space after a lengthy time away, isn't it? While I've been remiss at keeping in touch, you've been in my thoughts the whole while. Your Be Still earrings from Fiona arrived not long before you fell ill. They immediately became my favorites and are worn nearly every day. Such a beautiful message they carry and such warming thoughts of the friends who made and gave them.

    Sending thoughts of continued healing, wellness and friendship. Enjoy!

  8. Wise words to yourself in those earrings MJ. A beautiful description of the first visit - yours and not quite yours, memories and reminders, I love the idea of the shadow self. Go gently.

  9. MJ - so great to know you ventured into your place of creating - I think the cat was just keeping the creative muses entertained in your absence. It won't be too long before you grasp metal again and fill it with positive energy - through hammer stamp or assemblage. And great to have your thoughts and words out there again. Go well. B

  10. So glad to see you! I hope you like what I did with the copper piece in my necklace!

  11. very beautiful post, nice and wise words like always. So happy you are back.

  12. It is healing to simply sit in the creative space. enjoy, absorb the energy and allow life to unfold in it's infinitely wise timing . xxx ooo

  13. mary jane ... it is so very wonderful to hear your voice here again ... you have been missed. I can almost imagine that exchange of energy as you entered your creative space ... your words evoke such feeling. I am so glad to get to read them again. Wishing you continued healing, strength and peace mary jane.

  14. Mary Jane- So happy to hear that you ventured into your creative space. I haven't been away nearly as long (a week), but even so, it is always strange to venture in after being away. I can only imagine what it must have felt for you to walk into that sanctuary after having been away so long. I am so happy that you are slowly but surely healing in many ways. I look forward to many future postings of your beautiful work.--Julie

  15. I'm so glad you braved going to your creative space after so long a time of being away. It had to be both exciting and scary at the same time. After not being in my own studio since the end of January, I had to force myself this week to sit at the bead table and make something, anything. It was not easy.

    Wishing you well as you continue to recover.

  16. Oh how wonderful that you've found your way back-/ if even for short periods of time. Creating is such a part of you-- it will make you whole again. You are mending-- going in the right direction-- I'm sending prayers for your continued healing.

  17. be still, go slow, heal. much love.

  18. Very nice to see you posting...so glad you're back visiting your studio & hope you get to spend more time there very soon. Happy is good.

  19. Mary Jane, I am so happy to know you are healing. This post gave me goose bumps. I hope you continue to heal and get more time to create and feel better. That work space / sacred space is a wonderful thing to have. Even if you are just there and can feel that energy. No need to "work". You are a special human with so much inner light. Thank you for sharing.
    blessings, Cindy

  20. I know it must feel as though you got in touch with your true self by being i your creative space. Prayers for continued recovery so that you can get that hammer going!


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