16 April 2013

tag from yogi tea

trust creates peace.

it truly does -

while i don't know if i am an

'everything happens for a reason'


i do know that i am an

'everything presents an opportunity'


'om' in tibetan uchen

since metal work

has been set

to a side burner for now,

i have found myself gifted

with the time to try 

something new.

to give it focus

and not feel guilty 

that i am not 

at the bench.

'om' in tibetan uchen

since yoga 

has been set

to a side burner for now,

i have found myself gifted 

with the time to learn

that (when done properly)

this calligraphy is


and requires focus

upon the breath.

we cannot control everything,

we can't -

and perhaps that is best.

would you,

could you, 

have grown in the ways you have 

if your life had gone

the way you planned it?

so trust.

trust that in this moment

you have everything you need 

to optimize

the moment.



open your heart,

share what's inside.


please know this post came from personal reflection prior to my learning of the horror in boston... sending thoughts of peace and love to the victims and families whose world has been darkened by sorrow and fear-

on numerous occasions i have read this story from fred rogers:
'when i was a boy and i would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me "look for the helpers. you will always find people who are helping."'

thank you to the helpers, to those who act bravely for the benefit of others - you give us hope.


  1. Beautiful words and calligraphy! No, for sure it's been the unexpected turns that have enriched my life. They provide challenges that help you grow.

  2. How to explain the inexplicable, how to understand what is not understandable. let pray for people of Boston,and learn to love and love

    I belong to no religion.
    My religion is Love.
    Every heart is my temple.


  3. You always find such quiet, simple ways to reveal the absolute truth. ((Maire))

  4. So perfect for you, the wordsmith that you are, to be a calligrapher. I loved my classes in college, still have some examples. It is very meditative--think monks working on the Book of Kells. I know I would not be were I am if everything had worked out when I was, say, 20 yrs old. It's all perfect, it just depends on your interpretation. Thanks for the post.

  5. Such thoughtful words...and your calligraphy is beautiful. And such good words from Fred Rogers. Thanks for sharing....

  6. So good to hear from you. I think of you everyday, many times. Hugs and blessings

  7. A profound post to be read, and read and re-read. Words to think about. I like that you are not sure that everything happens for a reason. I don't believe that it does. I do believe that we learn from every experience and THAT presents the opportunity if you will only recognize it and step toward it. Do we always have everything we need? Perhaps we do, but it can be hard to see it, use it and take comfort in it.

    I like what Fred Rogers said. MSNBC introduced several helpers. Their stories and bravery bring tears to your eyes..for their bravery and the thought that they gave such comfort in such a desperate moment.

    Much love to you MJ, you always seem to post just the right words when the Peaceful need a voice.
    xx, Carol

  8. This lovely calligraphy seems a perfect stand-in and complement to your other art. And a spiritual practice that will be easier on your body for now! Fine motor yoga, ha. It must feel very good for those elegant and meaningful lines to come from your hand. It makes me think of learning a beautiful language, and how good it feels when the beautiful words flow from your mouth. So glad you are finding satisfying ways to feed your soul while you heal! I agree, in my life I have learned far more from the unplanned digressions than I ever did from the things that I forced. More times than I can count, I have been very grateful that something I thought I had desperately wanted was denied me.

  9. A beautiful post. I am always grateful for those who pitch in and help in times of crisis, even if their own life might be in danger. They are true angels.

    Your calligraphy is wonderful. I used to do calligraphy many years ago as a teen and as a young adult. I loved how it made me slow down and just enjoy dipping the pen into the ink well, and then to paper.

    Blessings to you today and always.

  10. The calligraphy is lovely -- would make a great tattoo -- I wonder if I could pay for a copy?

    Love you.

  11. YES! Opportunity. Each task becomes a building block or stepping stone through which will take you through the stages of your metamorphosis.

  12. love the yogi tea tag inspiration


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