19 April 2013

small stash of metal bits discovered

karma - 2013

'actions send out ripples.
karma brings it back,'

so said a wise woman to me.

turquoise, amethyst and lapis
stones associated with karma 

 be still - 2013

in stillness,
one feels
both floatingly heady 
and deeply rooted.

our world, 
our lives
are fiercely beautiful
and command our attention.

are you present?

sparkling iolite and earthy vesuvianite 

joy - 2013

'smile, breathe and go slowly.'
thich nhat hanh

embrace joy.

turquoise and carnelian


  1. Lovely words, Maire... hope you are doing well!

  2. "Smile, breath and go slowly."

    Such a lovely thought. I am so happy that you are back.

  3. Drinking in the Dusk as the mist rises from the Green valley, nourishing the Elk, drifting high to the snow covered peaks. The sun slides out of sight.xx

  4. Nice to see you back....I always enjoy your posts and designs....hope your feeling better.., xox

  5. Beautiful, both the words and the earrings.

  6. MJ - it must be a little bit of magic to discover metal - even just to touch and remember but soon to create a little. Besautiful pieces and word energy. B

  7. Oh my goodness -- your newest earring creations are just killer MJ. Truly they are outstanding. They deliver such a beautiful message-- only you could do this.

    I hope (and pray) that you are doing well-- I think of you often--

  8. Such stunning designs as always, Mary Jane. I love those long earrings - so memorable!


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