15 June 2013

the body can ail
the body can fail
but so can it repair
and thrive.

the same can be said of the spirit. 

even as modern medicine has been seeing to the needs 
of my body,
my mind 
and spirit 
have been embroiled in turmoil. 

as one who uses her work 
to process emotions, 
to work through challenges,
the loss of metal work 
was profound. 

i have long been fond of integrating fibers into my designs,
feeling it expressed the balance,
nay, the dance
between delicacy and strength.
but had never allowed myself to experiment with it
the way i am now. 

with my fingers and imagination kept busy,
my spirit (and spirits)
are rebounding.

i am grateful to shannon levart for accepting my woven fiber and bead work
in her shop
while i am still unable to be at the bench. 

i see these pieces as connections 
not just connectors - 

the sections i have made for earrings, bracelets or necklaces
are meant to remind one that -

one step at a time,
one foot in front of the other

when each step is mindfully taken
beautiful things happen
a world of opportunity awaits. 

and, yes, 
even when life throws you a curve ball 
while you are attending to being mindful,
beautiful things happen
a world of opportunity awaits.


  1. Good to see you here - I love the fiber in the work, and love how you speak about fiber - "the dance between delicacy and strength" - yes, I like that a lot :)

  2. Truly some eye delights there ! The weaving punctuates the beautiful subtle colours.

  3. Food for the soul. And opportunities..they are always there if you see clearly.
    Best Wishes for a continued recovery. I've missed you.
    Much Love,

  4. I LOVE them all. Life really has been throwing those curve balls at us lately... but you are soo right.. beautiful things do happen.

  5. I find these new pieces so very much in tune with your body of work - they are so much like yourself: delicate, beautiful, full of hidden strength, and always, always - purest intention.

  6. I absolutely LOVE them!!! It interesting how certain events will force us to use a different medium and then you say to yourself..."Hello..where have you been?". ♥♥♥ ॐ

  7. That's right, Maire, one foot in front of the other! Mindfully taken, we move forward!
    I cried upon reading this, your strength is amazing to me and I learn from you every day.
    Thank you for letting me be in your life and for letting me hold these beautiful pieces in my hands, even if just temporarily until they find their rightful owners.
    I am so grateful.

  8. Yeah. So good to hear these beautiful words and see the newness. Love it

  9. I love the mixture of weaving and beads! Wishing you a continued recovery.

  10. Really loving these designs. You are totally rocking the fiber!!

  11. <3 Heal well in spirit in and body <3

  12. Lovely collaboration! I was so very sorry to read of your struggles on Shannon's blog today...wonderful to hear that you're on the upswing. I wish you all the best :)

  13. You words & your work have always inspired me. I'm sorry that you are having health issues - sending lots of love, light & healing energy out to you.

  14. You have been on my mind again more than usual! I love your attitude and spirit Maire:)

  15. what beautiful work - sending you light and love, Karen

  16. Mary Jane- so happy to see a post from you. As a lover of all things fiber, I am happily surprised to see this new turn of direction in your work. These pieces have your essence-I can feel the healing power of the pieces. I hope you continue to heal at a steady pace.--Julie

  17. It's so nice to see you posting....and working. You've been on my mind a lot lately.

  18. "when each step is mindfully taken
    beautiful things happen"
    ..... I'm always surprised that when I take a step, doors open .... and yet i forget so quickly. Your words and images .... the weathered wood ... raise my spirits. I'm so glad you are writing and healing. Keep your spirits up dear Maire. It has certainly been a long journey for you.

  19. MJ - so great to see a little space, healing and energy appearing so that you can do just a little energising creative work. And it is lovely that Shannon offers this latest fibre work support through her shop. It must be almost meditative to bind, weave and thread the pieces - almost binding energy into them and gaining it from them. Go well and continue to grow well. Peace. B

  20. Beautiful work and a lovely collaboration! I hope you are healing quickly. Please let me know if I can help!

  21. MJ- bless your heart. I think of you often- still praying for you as you heal. I'm sure it's been hard to change your creative focus-- but this new direction suits you so well. Your creations are stunning- such lovely bead work.

    I hope you continue to mend-- your body and spirit/- you are amazing---

  22. Knotting can be so soothing! I love how easy it is to play with colors, using colored cording and beads. These pieces are lovely, so delicate, and they mesh so well with your metal work. Sometimes a lateral move brings unexpected creative inspiration. When you're back at your bench, you will have another whole element to use in your pieces! And probably lots of new ideas. I am glad you have found an interim medium that works for both your creativity and mental health, but is gentler on the bod!

  23. It's so good to hear from you. I'm glad you are creating these lovely woven connections, and I hope it helps to heal your body and lift your spirit. You are such a talented one and I hope you can get back to doing the things you love very soon.
    Blessings to you this day and the days ahead.

  24. I looked a week ago and went away but am now back to add to these comments, thoughts and care from others. It's great to see you back and finding our way, I love how these express the dance between delicacy and strength. Go well, make well.

  25. it's good to see your strong spirit shining thru ..as always everything you put your hand to is beautiful

  26. Maire, I don't know what you've suffered with but your spirit and determination has inspired me. I've always enjoyed your work and love the new things you are making with fibers. I hope your recovery continues. I, too, turned to making jewelry when going through 3 back surgeries in 1 1/2 yrs. It helped me to stay sane and was an outlet for creativity. It is amazing how creating can make you feel so good. Take care.

  27. Your work and words are of inspiration to me. I know it isn't the same as what you've been through but 3 back surgeries in a year and a half turned me back to creating jewelry. It is amazing the good feelings one feels when creating. Continue to work hard at your recovery. Wishing you good thoughts!

  28. I'm just seeing this post! I love that you are using fibers. This phrase really hit home: "the dance between delicacy and strength." I was re-watching a documentary called Griefwalker on Netflix and it made me think of you. I think you might find things in it. xoxo Beth


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