15 July 2013

the tender heart

mjd - 2013

in our (mistaken) attempt to guard the heart
against vulnerability 
and pain,

mjd - 2013

we can isolate it 
from tenderness
and connection.


  1. oh maire ... i wanna say something to your post ... but i can't find the right words. i don't ever want to get a hardened heart ... ever ... doesn't matter the amount of pain ...

  2. I have always wondered if I would savour the joy if I didn't know the sadness.

  3. MJ - always hard to take risky steps but as you say we can isolate ourselves from a lot of love and joy is we don't risk a little pain. Beautiful image and thoughts. Go well. B

  4. O so true...and difficult to find the balance....but you MUST or your heart just shrivels up like a prune...and so will your FACE! ~lol~
    Much love. Love love love your weaving!!
    xx, Carol

  5. so very true! sometimes it's hard to find that balance and stay open.
    beautiful weaving, too!

  6. Lovely weavings, lovely words. Bless you!

  7. Insightful words to reflect on as always.....I hope you healing well...thinking of you often...xox

  8. Hi Mary Jane-- I hope things are going better for you.,it's so good to see your beautiful words and creations-/ you always share such lovely bits of your work--


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