22 July 2013


patina leaf - mjd 2012

i have missed making leaves.

so i ventured upon 
an adaptation
using pin weaving
instead of metal heating
and beating.

pin weaving - mjd 2013

building a leaf
made of natural fibers
triggered meditation
upon impermanence.

woven fiber leaf - mjd 2013

the most important moment
is the one at hand.


  1. I love the quote 'the most important moment
    is the one at hand'.

    I'm so amazed with your woven fiber leaf. What a delicate beauty!!!

    I love leaves and in fact I chose trees for our yard mostly for leaf shape and color. My husband just thought that was strange until he saw them in all their splendor.

    I hope you can get back to making your beautiful metal leaves one of these days.

    Blessings, and Happy Monday!

  2. Oh, its beauty is so enthralling! Intricate and delicate, pure and perfectly imperfect. I love it so much!

  3. Clever woven leaf...an interesting change of medium.

  4. So beautiful and delicate and wonderful. I love seeing the in progress shot too.

  5. Lovely...both your thoughts and the perfect little impermanent leaf.

  6. I am hugging you.
    You are resilient, beyond most.
    Others shrivel when their craft has been made impossible to them.
    You find a new path to Zen.

  7. MJ - it may have taken time and patience but the fragile strength of this leaf is amazing. B

  8. Hi MJ - it took my breath away this morning when I saw it, and I have kept coming back to it thru the day. It is so beautiful, so elegant and so full of wonder... just perfect.

  9. Of course you know that I love your metal leaves ;-), but this one has a fragility to it. Something that you might find in nature when the winds change direction and the sun sets earlier. The kind of fading away that leaves naught but a skeleton of the way the leaf was. I think we will all be like that. Fragile yet woven of so many experiences and chances. This is lovely and you have inspired me! Enjoy the day. xo Erin

  10. Stunning! You always amaze me...

  11. I've never seen pin weaving before. I'm beyond intrigued and quite dazzled by the beauty you created. It's rough and ancient-looking and simply wonderful!


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