23 July 2013

in stillness

woven leaf - mjd 2013

slow down,
stop what you are doing
and take a breath.

'sit down and be quiet.
you are drunk 
and this is the edge of the roof.'
 - rumi

the situation is dire
for those unwilling 
to do the work 
of practicing awareness.

distraction lurks 
in every corner
and sits in the middle 
of every room.

but is there really any other option?


  1. Great fiber leaf... and what a funny Rumi quote!

  2. 'distraction lurks
    in every corner
    and sits in the middle
    of every room.'
    that describes my life to a T! i am grateful for the soft and quiet distraction that your words bring me for when i come here i feel refreshed and renewed and my purpose becomes clearer. thank you, dear maire for your inspiration. enjoy the day. erin

  3. Quiet time is so important. I can't help smiling at Rumi's words..... "and this is the edge of the roof".

  4. Distraction...the nemesis. A great Rumi quote. I have never seen it before, but its definitely relevant.

  5. Mary Jane- even without a photo of your lovely creation-- your words alone are always cause enough to love your blog:)
    I pray all is well in your world--- xoxo

  6. MJ - great connection between the words and the symbolism of the fragile leaf. B

  7. 'Is there really any other option?' This may well be the question that has been tormenting me for the past month and a half. I hope there is, even if it means jumping off the roof.

    That leaf is so perfect!

  8. O my gosh..that is beautiful...I have Rumi'ed up my website...was thinking about you as I picked the quotes...love where you are going with your fiber work!

  9. I came across this artist today and thought of you :-) http://www.susannabauer.com/page4.htm ... milliande :-)


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