28 July 2013

of the essence

mjd 2013

fragile as a leaf
or a petal
decaying after its show
of lushness and vibrancy.

form and essence 
are left behind.

but which truly is more delicate -
the glossy leaf
or its skeletal remains?

mjd 2013

perhaps the tracery
of veins and stem
are not as fragile
as they appear.

for what remains
belies the inherent strength
of that which supported life,

yet goes unseen

until that which
has quietly eroded


  1. It's truly beautiful MJ-- so delicate and fragile-- your words are like music--

  2. Beautiful and enlightening, as always :)xo Genea

  3. MJ-so true - we look at the leaf and see the strength of colour etc - but it is really the unseen skeletal structure that gives strength - good metaphor for us as individuals. Go well. B

  4. NO! does not erode away.
    Returns to its beginnings to nurture
    the earth for future leaves.
    And so the circle goes....

    Its a beautiful piece.
    Delicate, yet strong fiber.
    An appropriate medium choice, I think.

    xx, Carol

  5. Beauty is indeed fleeting. And I am intrigued by the idea that it is fragile. What lies beneath and within is where the true beauty and strength resides. That is what my heart seeks to find. Clearly, you have that strength and beauty within, my dear. Thank you for enlightening me with your words. Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. observing nature ( we are nature ) it only makes sense that we have been here before and will again return to tread the familiar path.

  7. Lovely and delicate. I look forward to seeing what you do with the silk paper.


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