03 August 2013

going deeper

leaf - mjd 2013

one of the things i love best about maturing as a crafts person
is the understanding you gain about yourself

and how you relate to others.

leaf - mjd 2013

which is naturally also the insight you gain
as a maturing person,

with the application of different materials 
but not necessarily different methods.


  1. A very insightful thought.

    There is one very important thing about maturing and relating to people that I have learned; you are a much happier person when you are able to eliminate from your life the people that do not make you feel good about yourself.

    I love your fiber work. A sure sign that you have found your truth.
    xx, Carol

  2. MJ - the offerings that others have given me over time has been part of that maturing. I notice also how the detail or fragments of work take on greater meaning and importance. B

  3. These are lovely pieces M-J; showing the sensitivity and delicacy your metal works always did. Is that a hint of Habu I see???? they seem light as leaves...

  4. Yes. You've stated this so eloquently. It's good to have you back.

  5. your work is ethereal. I would think Tolkien's elves would be pleased to wear your creations. xx

  6. You are ever evolving, and always vibrant. It's wonderful to see you slip so easily into another medium. I agree, my artistic journey has mostly consisted of learning about myself, while picking up some knowledge about materials and techniques along the way. Your journey is beautiful, as are you.

  7. Mary Jane- your life has taken such a turnaround in relation to your crafting passions-- your newest style is so beautiful and unique-- just what we would all expect from you. I love the way you create from such amazing fibers-- I'm in love with your leaves :)

  8. I think it is the mark of a true artist that they can move seamlessly from one medium to another-- we just have to understand that it's a gift from the Universe to be nudged from one thing to another, rather than a trial. But it takes a really big person to get that and you are one of the rare ones who does.


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