11 August 2013

evening approaches

woven leaf - mjd 2013

the day draws to a close. 

a good day

fingers aching
from small needles
small pins
 & tweezers

used to coax fine threads 
in and out
in and out 
curving edges of warp.

i offer suggestions
as to how this form might take shape.

but in the end,
i am the one who accepts 
with appreciation
the beautiful curves 
that become

from the pact that is made
by the threads 
and my fingers.

an agreement that leaves
my will out of the process

it is good,

this learning of acceptance.

it can yield the most beautiful 
and unexpected of things.


  1. I love it! As a basket weaver I can appreciate all the time and labor you put into your creation.

  2. Beautiful words and beautiful creation!

  3. Acceptance~~amen Maire! Lovely piece of weaving. Lovely words....as usual! :-)

  4. I've started a bit of pin weaving...
    quite the opposite of your pristine and pure delicacy
    mine is unruly with blurred lines...
    a wip....

  5. .... like a beautiful form or a wonderful string of words tied together :)

  6. A beautiful fiber leaf! We are not always in control when we sit down to create, and I'm good with that.

    Thank you for that reminder.

  7. MJ - your creative efforts and encouraging the fibres has resulted in such a beautiful form. I often think that creating a work is a partnership with the materials and the tools - it is seldom just about our skills is it? Go well. Peace. B

  8. MJ I just loved these words and this work, the perfect expressions of each other . I often enjoy being led by my. Hands in the making, the interplay between will and what will be...eregardless

  9. That should read, regardless of me, blogger just went and froze.

  10. Letting your soul take control.
    xx, Carol

  11. MJ- it's beautiful-- simply beautiful,

  12. What is of all things most yielding
    can overcome that which is most hard,
    being substanceless, it can enter in

    even where there is no crevice.
    That is how I know the value
    of action which is actionless.
    But that there can be teaching without words,
    value in action which is actionless
    few indeed can understand.

    ~ Lao Tzu from the Tao Te Ching


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