30 November 2013

mandalas and growth

fragile strength talisman - awakening - mjd 2013

you are a part of something much bigger than yourself
but it wouldn't be complete without you.

never stop working to stay open -

let your heart space be a portal
from which love can pass freely.

you say you are afraid?

may we band together in this mark of our humanity
and gain strength,

marching forward
experiencing the bittersweet
that life has to offer.

for only then
can we fully know
what it means to be compassionate
and understanding,

and to fully participate
in that which is bigger 
than ourselves. 


  1. Lovely~~I love your reminder to not be afraid, to help each other. We need that more and more. Thank you for this instruction...breathed with compassion.

  2. Another wonderful talisman. These pieces are definitely coming from a sacred place deep inside your soul.

  3. A beautiful talisman and beautiful words to live by.

  4. Beautiful! I love these soothing winter colors, and I am tickled to see both your new medium and your love for metal joining forces as you regain your strength! I love the stitching on the delicate fabric bands at the back, it makes me think of grains of rice. I have been thinking about openness myself the last few days, and the danger of creating for ourselves a closed, airless, self-referential existence where we allow nothing in and just recycle all our own misperceptions and resentments. It's death-like! I don't want my soul to mildew, haha. It needs air! As you say, when we open to joy, we also open to pain, but it's well worth the risk to stay fresh and vital.

  5. Simply beautiful!

  6. A new mantra "open heart , open heart " for me today from your insightful heart felt words.


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