27 November 2013

it began with a pouch

fragile strength talisman - mjd 2013

it began with the making of a pouch - 

thoughts of being able to keep that which you treasure close... but with the option of changing it, as our needs do not remain the same.

spiral carved into stone

the other side got a mandala.

to offer support on your way
i offer
wisdom (pearl)
clarity (crystal)
healing (ancient baltic amber)
balance - finding connection to earth and the infinite (stone)
connection to your inner voice (grey moonstone)

stitching and knotting and braiding - the necklace is made of linen, silk, cotton, muslin, with antique venetian glass beads and a few vesuvianite stones. 

a very meditative piece to make - 


  1. This reminds me that what we make can sometimes be a visible representation of meditation. This pouch is like a druid's "crane bag", which is a kind of medicine bag that holds spiritual and power objects for ritual and contemplation. I like that (it appears) it nestles close to the pulse in your throat when worn.

  2. I love knowing the energies that different stones carry. Chrystals are record keepers and is is nice to know they are listening to the whispers of the universe. Beautiful work. xx

  3. Exquisitely gorgeous on so very many levels. I love to see how your beautiful thoughts are translated into tangible objects.

  4. MJ - a beautiful piece filled with meaning and energy - strange where simple beginnings can take us. B

  5. LOVE this piece~~the fabric pouch, the hanging gems. The happy woman who wears this will be comforted and feel a measure of peace. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, gentle soul!

  6. Good Early Morning.
    Meditation and calling peaceful energy. Stitching and knotting loving thoughts. Healing for the gifted and the giver.
    A thought is a prayer.


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