10 January 2014

capturing stillness

fragile strength talisman/be still - mjd 2014

at first
we seem to catch moments 
of stillness

the way we did 
as children.

seeing their flashing light,
we would run carefully
up to them
trying to catch them 
ever so gently 
in cupped hands.

exciting and unique moments,

we feel like 
it must have been the place
or time
that brought it into being
for us.

and so we return 
to that place or time
to find it again. 

fragile strength talisman/be still - mjd 2014

trickles in 
as we contemplate
how to return to to this place
of tranquility.

we begin to notice 
that stillness 
is not about
external circumstances
perfect states of being,

are they required to be 
present first for 
stillness to exist.

as our moments accumulate,
they grow closer and closer

in the gathering awareness,
we come to realize
that moments of quietude
are always within our grasp.

fragile strength talisman/be still - mjd 2014

we hold the key 
to make them manifest.

and with that knowledge, 
we walk in light. 


  1. I love your talisman. We are all fragile at one time or an other, but it certainly does not mean we are beaten. Thanks for a beautiful and thoughtful post.

  2. Mary Jane, your imagery and description of fragile strength are evocative and powerful -- thank you!

  3. Hi MJ - beautiful poetry, meaning and talisman - 2014 is off to a good start. Go well. B

  4. What a lovely revelation - that we have stillness within us and can access it whenever it we need/want. I think stillness is such a beautiful concept - it allows for so much; has so much potential. Gradually we discover it is ours to create and to accept. Thanks MJ - a wonderful way of thinking about it.

  5. Sacred sacred breath. We find the stillness between the inhale and the exhale. Beautiful words my friend.


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