25 January 2014


ever softly - mjd 2014

a whisper 
oh so softly,

an embrace 
that holds you 
oh so gently

assuring that 
you'll be alright. 


a talisman to ward off thoughts that a gentle nature is a sign of weakness - i don't know of anything stronger than an open, kind heart. 


  1. I love that! Kindness is not weakness at all. Gentle and kind people are the ones I am drawn to and that is what I look for in a friend and people I surround myself with. I have had enough brutality in my life. I am open and ready for love in my life. Love your words and your work MaryJane. Thank you for sharing so much. You inspire me always. Cindy

  2. Do not oppose those who put resistance in your path, let them make you clever as you study them in quiet and non resistance. you are correct . A peaceful loving heart is not a weakness.~ sacred sacred Breath

  3. I am drawn to gentle strong wise souls..... someone who would wear this necklace.

  4. Beautiful, Mary Jane... and, yes, it takes courage to have an open heart.

  5. Kindness is a true strength, woven into the being, allowing the light to shine forth and the beauty to find its way in. This is so lyrically lovely and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your art and your words. They are balms to soothe the spirit and enlighten the mind. Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. MJ - a beautiful piece of work with protective energy built into it - you are creating great woven pieces - weaving certainly provides the opportunity to weave in love, peace and joy. Peace. B


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