11 February 2014

mjd - 2013 awakening

this is your life.

you stand inside the arena
whether you wish it
or not. 

some people move
in leaps and roars

on tip toes and in whispers

most of us
fall somewhere in the middle. 

mjd - 2013

it matters not
how you do it,

only that you do it.

that you participate
and you add your voice. 

that you share your living
your loving
your self.

at this moment
you stand inside the arena,

don't miss out
because you were asleep. 


  1. Good post and nice art.
    Your words lend encouragement and pertain to ANY area of living.
    I hope it helps someone see a light.
    xx, Carol

  2. I know a good illustrator if you ever decide to publish. xxxooo

  3. nobody says it quite like you... the new necklace is breathtaking, simply beautiful!

  4. This poem seems to be a message especially for me. My word for the year is awaken but I've been dragging my feet (blaming the heat) and was on the verge of changing my word. Love your talisman!


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