23 February 2014

spring beckons

pin - mjd - 2014 

spring beckons.
beneath the snow
tendrils of green
seek the warmth of the sun
and the nourishment 
of the earth.

mjd - 2014

like us,
requiring the balance
of that which enlightens
and that which grounds.

revitalized by the stillness
and peace of winter,
yet challenged by its physical nature,
as seekers of light,
we are reawakened 
and ready to stretch.


  1. yes... but we got our little bit of reprieve from the cold and snow is going away tonight, and we will be back in a week of cold and snow. Underneath somewhere, I know there's moss!!

  2. MJ - may the renewing energy of Spring wrap around and nurture us all. Peace and renewal. B

  3. With each tiny stitch, I see your healing. This new direction you are moving towards is so beautiful to behold. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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