03 March 2014

within the darkness

within the darkness - mjd - 2014

when you are ensconced in darkness
it may seem as if darkness is all that exists -

that there can only be more 
of what you are experiencing 
and feeling. 

but the truth of the matter
is that at the core of the darkness
one finds light. 

as long as you live and breathe
as long as you have choices to make,
it's there. 

you must trust 
and open,
because the light is you.

set yourself free
and shine. 

for when you do,
you illuminate your world. 

this focal is made with a vintage foil-backed cab - so that you might see yourself when you look into it. 


  1. The beauty of your incredible spirit shines through everything you create - no matter which medium you choose. Thank you for always sharing your light.

  2. MJ - a question came to my mind as I read your wise words - at the centre of darkness is there compressed light? B

  3. An exquisite expression of truth in words and stitches. Thank you, Mary Jane!

  4. Knowing that the light is there is really a matter of faith-- in yourself, in the Universe, in your own ability to craft reality and make choices. You've made some really good choices here in this piece-- it's enlightening, as are your words.

  5. MJ-- each new piece is more beautiful than the next--- you truly create from within your soul--
    Much love

  6. I loved the pendant! Absolutely beautiful!

  7. This piece is exquisite Mary Jane.

  8. Just saw this. Beautifully said


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