08 March 2014

every day awakening

mjd - 2014

every day contains the opportunity 
to awaken.

we think of spring as earth's awakening,
but it occurs each day
whether or not we take notice.

there is a season for all things in nature -
and all deserve our attention
and wonder.

the same applies to you -
days of questions
days of answers
we don't always know what we are going to get.

but we can make the effort
to be sure we are present
so as to know the difference
and to learn whatever lesson
each holds.

so long as you breathe,
it's never too late. 


  1. There is a season ..... Soothing words, Mary Jane. I think of Autumn as my time to awaken. It still feels like summer here but Autumn is close by.

  2. Such wisdom stated so eloquently. Thank you.

  3. So as long as you breathe...it's never too late. Amen! Have a peaceful Sunday!

  4. MJ - with breath there is opportunity; with breath there is possibility - it is for us to create the reality each day. Thanks.B

  5. These words are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Your fiber work is breathtaking.

  6. Your words are crafted to inspire -wonderful - I've just discovered your blog and I'm so happy for the discovery.


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