13 March 2014

untitled - ronit bigal, israel

through the series body scripture II, artist ronit bigal explores this question:

imagine a world where your words appear on your skin. would you be more careful of what you say?

how incredibly profound 
and provocative.


  1. One of my teachers , Steven, would ask " what if God heard every thing you thought and considered it a request, would you be more careful with what you thought ? " Amazing things our thoughts and subsequently our words.

  2. Hmmm. Honestly I might welcome it when speaking with certain people~~Proof of what I said to the one that chooses what to remember.

    But I get your point. I usually weigh my words before I speak, which was a hard learned lesson..

  3. fascinating concept!! people certainly would have to pick their words carefully, lovely work

  4. MJ - amazing image an work - and yes we would be much more careful in what we say and of course what we might think. Good way to stop and test what we are about to say. Go well. B


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