04 December 2014

small offerings

mjd - 2014 small offering bowl

offerings have a way 
of travelling. 

these came to me and 
the idea wouldn't leave.
so through my heart and hands
small offering bowls are now made - 

i often tremble 
when i begin,
the potential energy 
of body and spirit
coming to a readiness. 

as i stamp

these thoughts
words and ideas 
set out into the ether.

the ether 
that you inhabit
the ether
that holds the moon
the ether
that caresses blades of grass
as it moves past.

mjd  - 2014 small offering bowls

i have always found a deep sense of peace
when working with my hands. 

but this idea of small metal efforts
that are shaped like cupped hands
and have
been worked with 
not just fire
and steel
but love 
and peace

so that you might make an offering
to whatever is meaningful in your life 

and to take it wherever you need it


mjd - 2014 small shrine

your own little place
to find calm
and stillness.

mjd - 2014 small shrine mats

in metal
and textiles.

mjd - 2014 small offering bowl in pouch

the hammer marks
and stitches
evidence of moments.

the precious moments 
that make up our lives. 


  1. Beautiful! And I like that you made a soft pouch for it to keep it safe.

  2. MJ - what a delicious and spirit filled stash of bowls - bowls filled with meaning and energy and awaiting giving. So good to see you hammering. May these offering bowls and mats find new homes and bring peace and calmness. B

  3. Wow! All I can say is Wow. These are so meaningful. I love the texture and the peacefulness that these make me feel. mj you never cease to amaze me both your art and poetry. xo Namaste _/\_

  4. amazing work and poetry! I would like to buy one for myself after the first. your work, energy is very calming

  5. Simply beautiful Mary Jane. I'd like to buy a few as gifts. Can you tell me where to do so?

  6. Peaceful beautifulness...my spellcheck is informing me that "beautifulness" is NOT correct. But it is. It really is, in these pictures, in these words.


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