10 December 2014

embrace the mystery

mjd - 2014 embrace the mystery

life is really about the mystery
isn't it? 

we aren't born with guidebooks
go to location a
meet person b
engage in activity c
life will be d.

it's unknown.
but somehow that word
that idea 
can terrify us.

we can stop our growth
by withdrawing
by looking away from opportunity.

can you imagine
a field full of stunted flowers -
too afraid to grow 
because they didn't know what 
was in store for them?
afraid that the winds would blow too hard
the sun might shine too bright
the rain might fall too cold?

how tragically sad.
but there are people
so many people
who do the same things 
to themselves. 

embrace the mystery - 
the mystery of your life
and what can happen
if you push past the fear
and say 'yes' 
instead of 'no'.

you'll become the flower
that fully blooms -
face to the sun
bathed by rain.
and when your time
comes to an end
you will know
that you experienced life
and what it had to offer. 


i find the irony is that instead of feeling better when we withdraw due to fear,
we only feel worse. there is a tension, a pulling, in the heart space. you don't feel better for your choices, you feel worse. for the heart knows what we are capable of and what we need. it is the mind that gets in the way. 


  1. You need to post more. You have come a long way in the years I have known you. Fighting to bring your light to shine forth, you have learned so much about survival. Someone read this post and it gave them just the nudge they needed to say yes.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  2. Living through the heart chakra is most satisfying . Open to the sun, open to the rain, open to those who nourish us.

  3. Hi MJ - love those words "for the heart knows what we are capable of". Love the lotus like bead on the earrings - simple and white. Go well. B

  4. Unfortunately true; so many people are afraid and live their lives in fear. Dave, my husband, died three years ago and God has used these years to move me, not forward, but deeper into His mystery. The journey has been fraught with tears but He's been with me, every step. Even those times when I sank into the kitchen floor, sobbing my heart out, dogs and cats licking my tears. Perhaps, especially during those times. It takes hard work to concentrate on the joy and, for some, it's effort they steal and put toward smallness and meanness. Ignore them, remove yourself from them and move forward into His light.
    Your earrings are beautiful; Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. Your words are always so full of thoughtful cogitation and inspiration-- they always stimulate creative ideas as I go through my day. This post reminds me of my favorite Amelia Earhardt quotation: "Courage is the price life extracts for granting peace; and the soul who knows it not knows no release from little things."

  6. So happy to visit, have been away from blogging for months, but hope to follow more often this New Year...blessings.

  7. mj I like this design very much. <3

  8. Lovely post Mary Jane. Focusing on saying "Yes" this year.


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