07 February 2015

just for now

mjd 2015 - dusk 

because just for now

as one orb rises and the other falls
dusk feels safer than dawn.

the days feel too demanding
they are not being viewed 
with the optimistic spin
of opportunity.

just for now.

instead of waging war 
against feelings
they are being accepted -

for now.

because that of which i am most sure
is that everything changes 
from now
until then



  1. MJ - dusk and dawn - two very special times - offering different opportunities - one quietly opening, one quietly closing. B

  2. I have very recently learned the importance of avoiding the fight when things close in. Sometimes you can let someone trustworthy take on the fight For you while you catch your breath. Sometimes you can accept guidance to lead you to a safer place where inner thoughts can be spoken and hashed out and you can be given a different perspective.

    Then, sometimes you can just rest and live to fight another day.
    xx, Carol

  3. i can so relate ever since the first of the year I have been in a spin

  4. Really lovely design! Love the colors!


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