10 February 2015

you are home

mjd 2015 - offering bowl

there is no where else to go
there is no one else to be

you are home.

there is no treasure hunt 
to find yourself -
you are already
an inextinguishable light.

learn to be
grow quiet
dig in

right here
right now.

know that all you need 
to find inner peace
already exists within you.


  1. Mary Jane I have been catching up and keep thinking.... wow, I've really missed these beautiful posts. Your words resonate and stir me to want to blog again. Your exquisite offering bowls with simple words, touch my heart. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful MJ - it feels like the words 'I am home' are an offering to the universe, and to oneself...

  3. MJ - clear crystal and clear thoughts. Thanks. B

  4. There is wisdom regarding running from your problems . They are always there or one step behind you. A wonderful gift is to enjoy your own company . xx

  5. Thanks, Mary Jane for the words-- very healing and today I really needed that. Hope all is well in your life.


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