24 February 2015

love in all you do -

mjd 2015 - wip, custom order - make with love

part of the design decision for this bowl was how to integrate the heart. cut it out? set it cleanly? allow it to begin to melt?

it set me off to thinking about how we make, do, live. does it all come from love or is it something you have to mindfully apply -

ideally, with an open heart everything is set with an intention of love. it is not an added bonus but rather an inextricable part of our thoughts, words and actions. in the beginning, we might need to remind ourselves of this. but like any other habit, with repetition and attention, it becomes second nature. love is entering and leaving you with each breath and through that membrane of physical body that separates us from each other. 

we can pick up on each other's energies - fear and anger are very easy to sense. they are heavy. joy is lighter. love is any myriad of sensations - it depends upon how you can receive it and how it is offered. 

i think that at its best, love is gentle and grounding. but that's me. 


anything we make
anything we do
should involve love 
as a part of it. 

integral to the meaning
to the intention
coming from the very same 
be it blood & sweat
brass & sterling.

you cannot merely add love
on afterwards
like sprinkles
on a cupcake.
it's either there
it isn't. 

come from a place of love
and all you do
say and think
will be infused,
spreading that which
the world most needs. 


  1. Hi MJ - "love is gentle and grounding" - I think that sums it up. Like where you are going with the bowls; and know the love, peace and energy that goes into them as you create will be there for the new owners. Peace. B

  2. was just taking a closer look at the heart - it seems to be radiating... how nice to think of a heart radiating love...


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