09 March 2015

mjd - 2015 - be still/printemps

thawing is happening here,

tender things.

trusting green shoots
open hearts

that will soon belie
their fragile appearance
with a blossoming

worthy only
of the strong. 


mlle printemps made her first appearance yesterday, international women's day. it seems to have given her some forcefulness as she did not tiptoe. with crashing icicles and running rivers of thaw, she made clear that she had waited long enough.

today this little one poked his/her head out to see what kind of progress was being made.  

2015 - chipmunk in residence


  1. Oh my, the chipmunk in the snow is so fabulous! Peaking out for Spring! I do so hope Mme printemps continues to grace you with her presence...

    It is a good season for opening things - hearts and minds and foliage.

  2. MJ - after such a winter it must be joyful to have some hints of spring; and what better hint than to see the wee creatures poking heads out to see if it is ok to start spring life. Stay safe, warm and hopeful. B

  3. sending warmth your way ! beautiful work !


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