17 March 2015


mjd - 2015 - plant skeletons

open to the stillness
between winter and spring,

though the earth 
beneath your feet 
is charged with eager life.

bear witness
to the skeletal remains
of those 
who have burst forth,
weathered storms
and died.

bear witness 
to a seemingly
fragile nature
that is belied 
by great strength 
great tenacity. 

this story
is like your own.

you stand.

between heaven
and earth
you are rooted
and soaring - 

in that balance
in that exquisite place
may you thrive. 


lovely rustic holding vessels by the ever talented
marsha neal.



  1. Words and image so sympatico. Beautiful. Thanks so much.

  2. once summer's lushness is gone, the delicate beauty of the inner structure becomes visible. I love this photo!
    And those vessels remind me of wasp's nests...

  3. MJ - nature has so many lessons and I'm,ages for us - to remind us and guide us. Thanks. B


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