19 June 2015

the world is in need

mjd. 2015 present moment offering bowl

our world is in need
of peace
of love
& kindness.

while it may be beyond 
our abilities
to stop acts of evil and violence,
we need not participate in
or empower them. 

in each moment
you have a choice
(we all do).

you choose your thoughts
your words
your actions.

learn to know yourself.
be vigilant.

use your moments
to nurture the world
and its inhabitants.

we create the climate
of our planet. 


  1. wonderfully said - as always. xo

  2. HI MJ - yes we can do our little bit by choosing peace.Go well. B

  3. I have so much to say on this subject. So many examples of comments and actions that are so oblivious to their effects. Don't you think it would help the climate if the news networks used better discretion in their commentary?


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