02 July 2015

lessons in faith

mjd - you are home 2015

lessons in faith.

for me
that means taking things in hand
in heart
in mind
and working it out,

not running
or delaying
or hiding
(i am good at these things).

isn't it funny
how we feel so very good when we do? 

so why isn't this our default, 
why do we self-sabotage?

i once read that henry fonda
got sick before every onstage performance

and that eleanor roosevelt
suffered from terrible insecurity.

let's keep at it.
the world is so much better off 
with the gifts of your labors
in it
(labors both seen and unseen)
and you are so much better off 
setting them
and yourself 


  1. Faith is a concept that makes the mind race with questions...that have no answers unless you have faith.
    xx, Carol

  2. Hi MJ - I love the simple clear beauty of this pendant ion silver - sacred; and a balance to the words that invite all to face the challenges. Go well. B


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