13 September 2015

earth laughs in flowers

mjd - 2015

emerson personified the earth
and told us that it laughs in flowers.

with our eyes and heart open 
we also bear witness to it

dancing in leaves
singing in whistling winds
dreaming in clouds
creating in the webs of spiders
sheltering in oaks
soothing in falling rains. 

how fortunate we are to be alive. 

mjd - 2015


  1. Just wonderful - I always have this feeling seeing your work and your words that there are so much more than "just" metal in what you create. There is a whole little world in it - a world that speaks beyond words :-)

  2. Beautiful, Mary Jane! Both words and work. I love how these little flower shields really have the feel of having been hand-worked.

  3. How well you say it... your pieces are like serene smiles... xo

  4. MJ - what a beautiful expression - the earth laughs in flowers - now I know why I smile so much on my morning walks. Love the simple flower images in the earrings, pendant and ring - great stuff. B

  5. It does indeed MJ and your flowers speak beautifully! Love them!


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