24 September 2015

known and unknown

mjd - 2015

all is not known to us.

not at once
not without work

and that is fine.

where would the wonder reside
if everything were easy,
were obvious?

mjd - 2015

where would the desire
to become our best 
and highest 
come from 
if there were no obstacles 
to surmount?

mjd - 2015

how indeed 
could we relate to each other -
understand another's joy
another's pain
another's fear?

mjd - 2015

there is something infinite that connects us all
something we can touch
something we can feel
something we can apply ourselves to
for the betterment of all.


  1. Love these words, and these images. The layering of rings, of hope of strength...

  2. Sometimes you need a reminder to strive to be your best self. How often do we even TRY to understand each other and the pain, or for that matter, joy that someone else feels in any situation? i wonder....

  3. Hi MJ - delicate work you are doing - love the line "something infinite that connects us all." Go well. B

  4. Such beautiful work, such beautiful words, such great photographs!

    It's a beautiful solace to come here and rest in this thing you've created here.

    Thank you.



  5. Thank you for this exquisite post. It is beautiful in every way.
    jean baldridge yates


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