29 November 2015

giving back -

*it seems i have been gone a while - but will be more present as i do love the blog format and miss catching up with those i admire.

mjd 2015 - peace&love collection

i am introducing a collection that will have its own section in my shop. a section designed to serve as a place for us to be of help together. while i truly believe that in the process of making, if one is intent, the feelings and thoughts travel. but ideally, to have the physical object leave my hands and go to another is a goal. my work is about connection.  

our world is filled with unspeakable horrors and great beauty. scarcity and abundance. poverty and wealth. illness and wellness. when our basic security and safety are threatened, the world becomes scary. i will be donating 20% of the proceeds of these items. my goal is to keep the section stocked as an ongoing humanitarian mission. if a piece of my work has the peace&love combination mark, it serves this greater purpose.

mjd 2015 - raw copper bowl

back with foot

the organizations will change because we experience different kinds of threats. natural disasters, terrorism, genocide, outbreaks of illness. but also domestic violence, homelessness, hunger, abuses against animals and forests. 

mjd 2015 - long necklace with gaspeite 
(sold, thank you! if you are interested in this piece
i can make another. just convo me in etsy)

the combination mark - or insertion of the & and heart symbols into the word 'peace' came to me one day. but i really did not want to use it haphazardly once or twice. i wanted it to represent something  special. (of note, this is an almost ironic thing for me as i was one of the few middle school aged girls who did not do their 'i's with hearts, but i did wear my heart on my sleeve.)  the older i get, the more vast and profound love and peace become. 

back with foot


when your heart is filled with love
and your mind is filled with peace
you will find it inconceivable
to harm another. 

mjd 2015 - radiate peace&love

the first organization will be international rescue committee. it has its roots in the 1933 establishment of the international relief association by albert einstein. it was also rated one of 5 all star charities by forbes magazine. 

mjd 2015 - simply peace&love

i cannot imagine the horrors that drive people from their homes, and often with children or those who are ill or aging. fear and uncertainty often plague both those on the move and those who live where those on the move arrive. it can create a very counterproductive result. locals can worry about their safety & security, worry that their way of life will change due to an additional demand upon resources of products and services. irc helps with just this - in addition to so very much more. 

we can & must do better. these are known waters, it has happened before in history and will happen again. to close our eyes is irresponsible, they must be kept wide open. 

if you have read this all the way through, i thank you. 

with gratitude for the platforms that make reaching people easier than ever before
and for you - 

may you be safe and protected, free from inner and outer harm and danger.
may you live in this world happily, peacefully and with ease.
may you know love as it flows in giving and receiving. 
may you wish these things for all sentient beings and recognize that we are all connected. 

mary jane


  1. Replies
    1. MJ: you are on the mark! I too, am putting aside 20% of sales. While I've been creating my own designs in metals, enamels, and resin along with some fabulous ancient beads, bead work, I am just now starting a business.
      My plans are centered on the youth. The children that know no love. The children that have never known the how it feels to walk away from the table with a full tummy ~ or, three, 3 meals a day. The children that have never known the feeling of a real hug ~ or real love ~ a warm home ~ their very own clothes ~

      The list goes on and on. The little things that you and I take for granted every day are the very things that seem so far away to these children. Even a safe play would bring a smile to these children's eyes!
      I wish you only the very, very best in your endeavors ~ to be selfless today is, truly, a remarkable trait.¤
      Namaste Friend ~○~


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